As a small business, everything is done on a tight budget, and when it comes to digital marketing, it can seem like the bigger companies have all the advantages.

Small businesses are generally limited not just in terms of money but in time, resources and personnel. However, there are a number of digital marketing strategies small businesses can employ to market themselves without breaking the bank including searching for valuable online marketing resources.

#1. Teach yourself the basics

The difficult and exciting thing about being a small business is that you have to do so much yourself, running your company whilst possibly wearing multiple hats of IT, accounting, human resources and marketing.

The ins and outs of digital marketing can seem overwhelming, but it’s not brain surgery or even computer programming. You can teach yourself what you need to know with sites like this one on SEO for Beginners and carry out your marketing plan with more confidence.

#2. Make use of social influencers

These are people on LinkedIn, Twitter and elsewhere who have a good deal of social clout. They are not celebrities but people who are well known and influential within their own fields.

Your small business can build relationships with these social influencers and in turn have them promote your company to their audiences.

#3. Put Multimedia to use

Communicating your message via Multimedia is a very valuable, unique and powerful way to enhance your brand.

From mobile, podcasts to videos and infographics to photographs, there are numerous ways besides text to catch the attention of your customers and convey valuable information, and most of them do not require strong technical skills.

#4. Consider Crowdfunding

In doing so, you will accomplish several different goals. Your business will raise its profile, raise money and be able to take on a special project or area that you have lacked the resources for in the past.

Crowdfunding is not appropriate for every type of business or project, but it can be an excellent tool for some.

#5. Blog and Guest blog

Establish a blog on your company website, but don’t stop there. Genuine guest blogging on relevant websites brings visitors back to your own website, whilst providing a community with informative and educational content. This can also establish you as a thought leader within your industry and help you build a loyal audience.

Try to establish a wide net; for example, if you run a small shop that specializes in hand-knitted winter goods, you might find customers in places as diverse as mummy blogs, outdoor sporting blogs and fashion blogs.

#6. Increase Online visibility

Be sure that you have a Google+ page for business as well as encouraging your customers to check in regularly on your chosen social channels.

Firstly, posting regularly on Google+ can ensure your content is immediately indexed in Google for search and raise the profile of your business in search results.

Having customers check in will promote your business among their connections and posting regularly lets others see what you do right. You can offer vouchers or other rewards to customers who do these things.

A few final thoughts

Running a small business can often make you feel like you spend more time putting out fires than crafting strategies, but taking the time to create a good digital marketing plan will pay off in the long run.

In the digital age, there is an abundance of creative ways in which you can engage your business with prospective customers. If you are new to digital, experienced or are unsure how to apply digital best practices to your business, then I encourage you to do your research first and map out a clearly defined plan.

The above tips are designed to help stimulate your thought process and encourage you to engage with digital tech, tools and ideas. What other creative digital marketing ideas can you come up with and how will you apply them to your small business?

This Article First Appeared on Tweak Your Biz